dyinglightAttention EA.

There are a great many people out there who would like a Mirror’s Edge sequel. I count myself among them. We have been waiting quite patiently the past, what, 5 years now? And now it’s finally happened: Techland may have just beaten you to the punch, judging from this trailer for Dying Light. First person freerunning. Lookit that. This would be all well and good except, oh for Christ’s sake, it’s Yet Another Goddamned Zombie Game.

And yet, we may be forced to settle, because aside from Assassin’s Creed‘s rooftop shenanigans, there hasn’t been anything like Mirror’s Edge all five of those years, and on top of that, Techland seems like good people, and might’ve crafted something genuinely fun out of this freerunning-with-zombies thing. Case in point: the game apparently works off of a day/night mechanic that could add a good dose of tension to needing to haul across the city before the big bads come out. Mirror’s Edge, for all its pluses, just had more of those asshole helicopters.

So, if you’ve got cards to play at E3, and the subtle signs have been popping up the last couple of weeks that you do, for the love of God, show them. We don’t wanna settle, but Faith’s taking her sweet time asking us out on that second date, and others are waiting.*


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*–Also, I would like to take this time to echo the quiet appeal of Rock Paper Shotgun‘s John Walker.