One of the best columns from CHUD’s past was something called Dave’s Underground, a feature that regularly shone the light on indie films, overlooked movies, cult films and the like.  The column’s founder, Dave Davis, was the reason I got started with CHUD in the first place.  So I’m reviving the Underground, both as a shout out to Dave and hopefully something informative for you, the Chewers.

From The Head FeaturedFrom The Head

Distributor: Breaking Glass Pictures

This indie features the the debut of writer / director / star George Griffith and his story of “Shoes,” a Manhattan strip club bathroom attendant in the middle of a shift circa 1995.  Note that it’s not the middle of a shift “from hell” or anything, just a shift, all of it (as well as the entirety of the movie) taking place in a bathrooom.  The story comes from Griffith’s own experiences as a bathroom attendant.  The result is a quite diverting look inside the world of a guy in a lonely profession, even when he’s in the middle of a crowded space.  The film relies solely on Griffith’s portrayal of a guy who’s coming to a crossroads in his life that he didn’t see coming.  It unfolds in real time and features conga line of characters coming into Shoes’ little world to let loose their stories as well as their bladders.  This includes a few cameos from the likes of Matthew Lillard and Jon Polito.

Did Oliver See It: I did.  My review on June 14.

How Do the Chewers See It: It opened in limited release on May 31, will premiere on VOD on June 14 and DVD on July 2.

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BerberianSSBerberian Sound Studio

Distributor: IFC Midnight

Director Peter Strickland has come up with a complicated thriller based in a 1976 Italian sound studio that is working on a giallo film.  A mousy, fish-out-of-water British sound engineer (Toby Jones) is recruited to come work on the post production and gets way more than for what he bargained.  The film is working on several levels and you may actually need to catch it a couple times (hell I did).  Fans of trippy ass shit, giallo films, and / or Toby Jones shouldn’t be disappointed.  Confused as hell maybe, but not disappointed.

Did Oliver See It: I did.  My review on June 14.

How Do the Chewers See It:  It premieres in L.A. and on VOD on June 14.

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A Hijacking 2A Hijacking (Kapringen)

Distributor: Magnolia Pictures

Taut thriller from Danish director Tobias Lindholm about the dealings between a Danish company and a band of Somali pirates after the pirates hijack the company’s cargo ship.  I compare Lindholm’s style to Stephen Soderbergh.  The film stars an ensemble cast, headed up by Phillip Asbaek, Soren Malling, Dar Salim, Gary Skjoldmose Porter and Abdihikan Asgar.  Yeah, I’d never heard of those guys either, but there’s some good actin’ going on among them.

Did Oliver See It: I did.  My review on June 21.

How Do the Chewers See It:  It premieres in L.A. on June 21.

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