Hey folks. In an effort to continually add a little zest to the margins of CHUD I want to run little fun video bits that are either relevant, totally irrelevant, or just plain weird to further enhance your journey through your Sewer day. Hope you find value in it.

The best is the music playing. Then the best is the dark shape emerging from the forest. Then the best is a goddamn bear hitting the car (not the other way around). Then the best is it rolling on its face and feeling perfectly fine. Then the best is Russian dude talking. Then the best thing is you came here to read about movies and some asshole is showing you Siberian Bear Hi-jinks.

Last time I tried that one on you it was Grizzly Park.

Have a funny video you think might work for the audience of CHUD? Send a link here. Please no porn, cute animal videos, or human tragedy.