Fun Fact: The last two Sonic games to sell over a million copies were Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Unleashed. The last two console Sonic games released–Colors and Generations, both underrated–sold a half million each. Sega has been slowly, silently, trying to get Sonic back to right for a couple years now, and whether the damage has been done from Sonic’s years of being an anthropomorphic dudebro, or the franchise’s fanbase has just bafflingly weird taste, something is terribly wrong. Considering the staggering amount of Amy Rose Rule 34 that exists, I can’t tell whether I want the former to be true or not.

I suppose that’s all preface to the fact that this trailer for Sonic: Lost World looks like a ton of fun, with Sega cribbing a few tricks from Mario Galaxy and Prince of Persia, and perhaps most importantly, restoring the old tone that was a smartass, SILENT speed demon protecting helpless little woodland creatures. Whether that tone is just for this teaser trailer or not remains to be seen. Whether the world at large cares is just as big a mystery.

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