"Refn. Nic Refn."

“Refn. Nic Refn.”UPDATE:

UPDATE: Variety confirms that Refn is up for the gig, adding Shane Black, Ang Lee, Tom Hooper, and David Yates to the list, almost as if to say, “Hey! Hey! We knew that! And other stuff!” I think Yates would be a great choice, would prefer Shane Black to do other things, and could see Lee or Hooper pulling it off competently. Thoughts?

Since there is only a vacuum in the place where a director for the 25th Bond film should be, rumors have been and will continue to be big news until we get official word. EON is currently taking meetings and making calls, so rumors like the ole “Christopher Nolan’s on Bond” have resurfaced, even though they’re more illogical now than ever (what with him about to begin a massive scifi film and all).

Out of Cannes we have a new one though, and it’s worth mentioning both by virtue of how interesting it is, and by how unlikely it is to turn out though. It comes from Alex Billington at First Showing, who was speaking with Nicolas Winding Refn about his divisive Cannes-debuting film, Only God Forgives (which looks great, but isn’t popular with the “Clerks II standing ovation” crowd). He brings up rumors of the director being in the running for Bond 25 and Refn plays coy, but not before letting loose with some genuine shock that reads like someone actually caught off guard when a secret is mentioned. He replies only with, “Where did you hear that?” and, “I love Bond. Love him.” There’s video at the link you can judge for yourself.

That wouldn’t be enough for me, but following that a former Variety writer and man-in-the-know, Jeff Sneider, tweeted that EON is meeting with lots of directors and that Refn is definitely in the running. He didn’t spin that as official, “I know for a fact that Refn is in talks,” but he’s probably right (and would know). With Drive making the splash it did, it would be foolish for EON not to have one of the most interesting, singular new directors working today on their short-lists.

So how would chewers like to see a Bond film from the Bronson and Drive director? I can’t think of many names that would excite me as much, if solely for the brave choice it would represent from the Bond powers that be. This one is a long shot, but it’s a rumor worth monitoring.