JFK-Rob-LoweBill O’Reilly has made it his thing to write historical fiction books about the assassinations of US presidents, and he followed up his smash hit Killing Lincoln with Killing Kennedy.

National Geographic has made it their thing to adapt O’Reilly’s novels into mid-budget feature-lengths about the assassination of US presidents, and they’re following up their adaptation of Killing Lincoln with Killing Kennedy.

The big news is that they’ll have Rob Lowe on board to play JFK, with the lovely Ginnifer Goodwin play Jacqueline Kennedy. Admittedly, those are both great fits. They’ll also likely get to enjoy their own spotlights a little bit more, unlike poor Billy Campbell, whose Lincoln portrayal was like shining a flashlight into the sun of Daniel Day Lewis’ turn that was gathering such praise when the film hit air. I Ginnifer-Goodwin-Jacqi-Kennedythink Lowe and Goodwin will manage to break through the wake of Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes’ turn as the first couple form earlier this year that I didn’t know about until just now.

Frequent TV (and Prom Night) director Nelson McCormick will take the reigns on the story of the events that led to Lee Harvey Oswald taking aim at President Kennedy in Dallas before being killed himself in police custody. Bill Hicks would have a blast with this one.

The series shoots soon in preparation for a release later this year, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination.


Source | Deadline