Chiwetel+Ejiofor+chiwetel_ejioforThe Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Career in a Nutshell: Mr. Versatile. One of those actors who elevates everything he’s in, capable of indie films and big films and a rare talent who can handle Mametspeak. Plus he’s still young and in great health.

Must see Work: Redbelt. Children of Men. Inside Man. American Gangster. Dirty Pretty Things.

Closest Brush With Comic Book Cinema: Either the awful 2012 or the awful Salt. This guy is still sort of an untapped resource.

Comic Bookish Traits: Handsome. Cunning. Intelligence behind his eyes. BLACK!

Ideal Pairing: The Black Panther is the most marketable black superhero left, but he’s kinda dumb. He can do anything, and why he hasn’t been used more mystifies me. Granted, his name sounds like a command you give to an assassin droid, but still…

If CHUD Had a Say: Brother Voodoo!

Likelihood: 50%. He doesn’t give a fuck about a comic book movie I’d bet.

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