warriorsSpeaking of counting my electronic blessings as I mentioned in my XBone article: I lucked out on buying a first gen PS3 super-mega cheap from a guy at an old job, and with few exceptions (as in, stupid SSX 3 crashing within 5 minutes of loading) have never never had to worry much about immediate, not-cumbersome access to my PS2 library. But it wasn’t until this week that I really came to appreciate the semi-elegant solution that is the PS2 Classics section on the PSN for the people that do have that worry. It’s still having to rebuy old games, but, the games *are* there, for those who want them. And the re-release does allow for some older cult games to get some extra, deserved time in the sun. Case in point:  Rockstar has announced that their licensed Warriors game will be hitting the PSN next week for the low, low price of $10.

Seeing as the game was very, VERY far from being a hit when it released back in ’06, let me explain the simple hard truth of the matter for those who missed out: If you love the movie, download that fucker. End of story. No questions. No hesitation. No, it’s not in HD, nor should/will you care. Everything you loved about the movie? Yeah, it’s in there.  The tone is right. The atmosphere is right.  The soundtrack is right. Rockstar’s typical writing style is a perfect match. Most of the principal cast came back to voice. The first 3/4 of the game is as close to a proper, quality Warriors prequel as we will ever need. As gameplay, it’s the one game that truly evolves the Streets of Rage style brawler to recent-gen sensibilities instead of copying what’s been done already. Download it. Need more proof? Have a trailer. Or two. Or three.  Then shut up, and give Rockstar $10. They earned it in spades.

May 28th’s the date to give one of the best licensed games ever some long-overdue love. Clear some hard drive.


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