psm1The Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Career in a Nutshell: America’s Greatest Character Actor. One of the most versatile talents in cinema and that rare performer whose acting truly seems effortless. The guy is one who hardcore film fans and the layman appreciate and though some people don’t know his name or confuse him with Jack Black or Paaul Giamatti [inexplicably] he’s almost uniformly appreciated.

Must see Work: Boogie Nights. The Talented Mr. Ripley. The Master. Doubt. Capote. 25th Hour. Magnolia. Happiness. M:I3. Pretty much anything he appears in.

Closest Brush With Comic Book Cinema: He’s appearing in the upcoming sequel to The Hunger Games, which is definitely pulp. Mission: Impossible III was certainly of the same fabric as a comic book movie. Those are fine and good but not the big leagues in terms of delivering the unique summer movie magic reserved for the Big Ones.

Comic Bookish Traits: Aloof charm. A bit of a repressed aristocrat. Explosiveness. Ability to be a chameleon and fade into the background. Chip on his shoulder.

Ideal Pairing: Hoffman could rock Darkseid if DC Comics were to ever build up their stable enough to warrant an appearance from the villain who’s always a thorn in the side of the Justice League. He’s also make for a terrific Braniac or Apocalypse. With that said, imagine a GOOD Fantastic Four movie with him as Dr. Doom and start drooling.

If CHUD Had a Say: We’d sign him up post haste for that Doom gig. While most of his work would be that of a voice role, he has that intensity and legitimate intelligence permeating everything he does.

Likelihood: 50%. He’s a picky actor and could give a rat’s fuck about the paycheck associated with this kind of gig.

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