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Growing up with the PC as my sole gaming platform, I never really got into the whole Metal Gear Solid thing. Sure there was the occasional dalliance at a friend’s house, but despite the game’s rabid fanbase it just never interested me, even when I caved and got a console of my own. You know what does interest me though? Murdering people with a sword, like, SO HARD. So I guess everyone’s happy then, because thanks to Joystiq we’ve got a double dose of Metal Gear release news.

Metal Gear Image #2

First up we’ve got Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection dropping in North and South America July 9th.  For the low, low (actually it’s pretty low) price of $49.99, not only do you get Metal Gear Solids 1-4, but you also get the PSP spin-off Peace Walker, the add-on VR Missions, a 100 page artbook, this lovely dining room set AND two Ashley Wood “digital graphic novels.” Purists be warned: apparently there have been some weird fiddly alterations/subtractions between the re-mastered HD versions and the original games, which may or may not be the worst things since Han shot first. However, new fans looking to jump in before the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5 should be excited, and may want to buckle in for approximately 8000 hours’ worth of cutscenes.

Metal Gear Image #3

Now on to the real news.  Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game so good they had to make up a word for it, has been confirmed as coming to PC by both Hideo Kojima himself and Platinum Games creative producer Jean Pierre Kellams. As a big fan of Platinum’s output, I for one can’t wait to make literal minced meat out of my foes. Here’s hoping the game’s slowdowns and technical hiccups will be swept asunder by the sheer, unmitigated computing force of my desktop. No word on a release date yet, but “as soon as possible” would be nice.

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