Ouch, that’s a mighty bitter tweet from Rhet Reese, writer and producer of the Zombieland series (and the original film) that Amazon made a part of its streaming battle royale last month.

3_29_zombielandposterApparently the show’s 3.7 out of 5 rating and whatever feedback or streaming number were received were not enough for the show to have a life, and Amazon has cut it loose (according to the tweet preceding the one above).

It’s a rough time for TV shows out there as all of the networks announce what shows their axing. That’s usual routine though- even without having watched the pilot I’ll admit there’s something unseemly about this whole Amazon process. It’s rough to see a show that featured the biggest brand of any of Amazon’s shows and was certainly the result of a great deal of work from passionate parties be callously cut loose, seemingly at the whim of less than a month’s worth of streaming viewers. That said, maybe it’s outright dogshit and this was an easy call.

And maybe Amazon’s is a tip-top process in terms of ROI, and Amazon will be squeezing maximum dollars out of the precisely right shows. This certainly doesn’t have the class or confidence that makes me think they’ll ever produce a good show out of this process though.


via The AV Club