The Pang Brothers are among the few directors I can trust to always do good work. While I don’t know if I would call any of their films I’ve so far seen “great,” I’ve enjoyed all their films, which says something considering stuff like The Eye films and The Messengers exist in a genre I hate. And just the fact that they could make something genuinely creepy out of the stupidity that is The Messengers is pretty telling.

Thankfully, however, the Pangs went back to what I would prefer to see them do: action movies. Bangkok Dangerous is great (in the casual sense, rather than the critical sense), and the Oxide-only The Tesseract is quite a sight to behold. And they’ve had floating around a $40 million English-language Nic Cage-starring remake of Bangkok Dangerous, which has just (finally) been picked up by Lionsgate for North American distribution. It’s going to hit theaters this summer, so I guess we know what the real film to beat will be duirng this year’s hot season.

Here is your complimentary plot summary, courtesy of Variety: “Dangerous stars Cage as an anonymous assassin who travels to Bangkok to handle four kills for an underworld crime boss, but whose conscience becomes his enemy when he meets a local Thai girl.”

I’m also looking at this film as Cage’s redemption after a two-year run of bullshit movies. I say it’s divine providence that kept this film from getting distribution until after 2007; God did not want this film lumped in with that garbage. What I’m saying is this movie had better not suck.

By the way, you can check out an international trailer here.