Remember Miguel Arteta? He’s the guy who, in the early part of this decade, began working himself up the film industry ladder with films like Chuck & Buck and The Good Girl before becoming an occasionally working faceless TV director.

Then, 2007 arrived, and Arteta became attached to no fewer than three directing gigs, including: Fox Searchlight’s remake of the 2000 Swedish film Together; Process Media’s adaptation of the Dave Eggers novel You Shall Know Our Velocity!; and Fox Atomic’s Harvey and Markey: A True Story of Friendship and Betrayal.

In the present day, IMDB doesn’t have him listed on that Fox Atomic picture, but it does say he is attached to direct Himelfarb for Warner Bros. and Date School for Dreamworks, as well as the two listed in the previous paragraph.

So what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t get too excited about what I’m about to say, because this could fall apart or the project could take years to develop, because Arteta is doing a million other things. Anyway, here’s the deal:

The Hollywood Reporter is saying today that Arteta is in final talks to direct an adaptation of the C.D. Payne’s darkly comedic Youth in Revolt. The film would keep the name and star Michael Cera as Nick Twisp, a young teenager who gets into all sorts of zany misadventures while attempting to fuck some girl he knows, eh, I mean the love of his life. Without Cera and Arteta involved, I would treat this announcement with apathy, but I know Arteta knows how to handle comedically dark material like this, and I think Cera is funny. So there.

IMDB says Gustin Nash wrote the adaptation. No word on a start date or the possibility of Mike White’s involvement.