holyshititsthefuckingrhinocerousmotherfuckerPush your mother away, this is too important.

Marc Webb, the director of (500) Days of Spider-Man (my phenomenal review) and (500) Days of Amazing Spider-Man has shared a first look photo of Paul Giamatti in his role as Rhinocerous Johnson, the 2nd tier villain to Jamie Foxx’s Electro. For those in the know, the Rhino is a hulking asshole with rock hard skin and 2,000 pounds of attitude.

So of course the image is of his bald ass screaming while driving a vehicle.

Folks, you have to whet people’s appetites when marketing a film like this. You don’t have to give them everything, but you also don’t have to waste their time. This could be a photo from any Paul Giamatti film. Hell, it could be a photo of Paul Giamatti dealing with traffic on Wilshire.

In short, fuck.