I can’t say I know about what I was expecting a film called Wolf Boy to be, but I definitely did not come up with the correct answer. The concept is an interesting one, though, so I’ll give it a shot. Enjoy that cliffhanger for a second.

Variety says The Weinstein Company has picked up the rights to a graphic novel/regular old novel titled, appropriately enough, Wolf Boy: A Novel, written by Evan Kuhlman, with art by identical twins Brendon and Brian Fraim. Irwin Winkler will produce.

(Continued from first paragraph) Variety also says, “The novel concerns the Wolf family, which loses a son in a car accident. The other son channels his grief into the creation of a comic book superhero based on his brother called Wolf Boy.” The book received all sorts of acclaim up its release a year and a half ago, but it was mostly ignored by the masses, either because it wasn’t written by someone with a recognizable name, or because it was a book.

Obviously, the first thing of which I thought after reading that description was American Splendor, but Kuhlman himself beat me to that thought: “I’ve long thought that Wolf Boy could be in incredible movie, something along the lines of Ordinary People meets American Splendor.” There you go.

The Wolf Boy adaptation will be written by Christopher Parker. I don’t know who this guy is, but he “comes from an animation background” and apparently made some kind of pitch Winkler liked.

Like I said earlier, this could make for a pretty good to excellent film. As with everyting else, though, we’ll have to wait and see.