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Day Fifteen – Cabaret

I saw Cabaret a long time ago and remember being impressed with Joel Grey’s performance but Liza Minelli has always made me want to jump into a quarry.  This poster is truly the finest image ever. The Polish have brought the world many things like bulletproof vests, golf carts, and even movie projectors (BEFORE LUMIERE!) but their finest export by far has been their movie posters, bizarre and oftentimes jaw-dropping interpretations of films from all over the world. Sometimes literal examinations of their source but sometimes absolutely batshit pieces of art that almost take on a life of their own. Swasticafacegina is a thing to behold. It’s like Vishnu’s crotch got recruited by Hitler and then got a little metrosexual. This image actually does an amazing job of capturing the film’s theme and at the same time makes me wonder if this creature were real if it’d be sex or just a blowjob. I’d watch Krull every day if this were the Glaive.

What would this movie be like?

Whatever your version of Heaven is.

Who is the audience for this film?

The entire universe, minus Joel Grey. Me.

What the fucking fuck is fucking fucking?

Up until seeing this picture I totally felt Hitler lost the war. Now I’m wondering.

The domestic poster for Caberet:


Tagline vs. Tagline?

That’s a fantastic poster too but it doesn’t feature a screaming shuriken twat so it loses.

What other movies could effectively use this poster?

Oh God! Easy Rider. Enchanted.

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Cabaret (1972) 124 min

A female girlie club entertainer in Weimar Republic era Berlin romances two men while the Nazi Party rises to power around them.

02.13.1972 (USA)
  • Bob Fosse
  • Joe Masteroff
  • John Van Druten
  • Liza Minnelli
  • Michael York
  • Helmut Griem
  • Joel Grey
  • Fritz Wepper
  • Drama
  • Musical
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