hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_1Setting aside the possibility of a red herring (and that’s entirely possible), this is a pretty cut and dry case of a wardrobe tease providing a major spoiler. If that’s not your bag, click away!

Frankly this is really a spoiler in terms of when an inevitable development will occur, but it’s still something that otherwise might have been a left-field turn if they’ve decided to sneak it under a different context.








I’m going to move this party down below, if you care to peek…



















A new development/set photo brings us a look at the gorgeous Emma Stone, doing her thing next to a river in quite the fashionable outfit…

amazingspiderman2gs2 amazingspiderman2gs

Hardcore geeks may feel their spidey sense tingling when they see that outfit however, as it pretty obviously recalls an outfit Gwen Stacey wore in the comics….




Red herring, or the obvious sign that Webb and co. have decided the second film is the time to send Gwen Stacey to her inevitable end? With MJ in the picture, it wouldn’t be too much of a shocker…  When it was first established that Peter Parker’s infamous love triangle was a part of the film, I suspected Gwen’s death would be a trilogy capper, but I suppose the third film will be about picking up the pieces.

Chewer thoughts?


Source | SuperheroHype (via AICN)