Well that is certainly a… lively trailer.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.19.50 PMEli Roth wrote and stars in this film from Nicolas Lopez set in Chile during and after a massive earthquake tears society and sanity in two. As you can see from the trailer above this is not exactly a polished effort, nor is it exactly clear why the hell Roth cast himself. He could have stared at all of the extra’s asses from the producers chair, after all.

And are you kidding me with that first line? “I feel like every girl I meet I have to download a new app. Whatever happened to meeting a girl in the park…” it’s like someone having a stroke in between two different “young people” rants.

The buzz out of this thing at Fantastic Fest was toxic, though the TIFF response was vaguely more favorable. I don’t know- this looks DTV as fuck to me, but perhaps there are some chewers excited about this one out there?