May is upon us, the sun is shining, the skies blue, the grass green, and Rockstar had to go ahead and ruin that with these three new character trailers for Grand Theft Auto V that just make me wish it was September 17th already.

It’s still unclear exactly how the game plans to juggle having three protagonists, but Rockstar had no problem figuring out how to tell us everything we needed to know about these gentlemen in less time than it takes most trailers to tell us anything at all while not being scored to Queen and Waylon Jennings. Michael’s and Franklin’s trailers come off like big, ambitious sequels to Vice City and San Andreas–Franklin’s in particular is playing dangerously in retread territory for how much it sounds like CJ’s story all over again–but it’s Trevor that’s probably going to garner most of the attention. Guy seems to embody a brand of fucknuttery this series been missing for a while now, and the fact that there’s at least one character that goes there should put a sock in the mouths of those people who kept wishing GTA would return to its psychopath roots.

Trailers below. Game September 17th. Pre-order Amazon.

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