colin-firth_screenMillar has been beating the drum on Secret Service for a little while now, suggesting that Matthew Vaughn dumped X-Men back to Bryan Singer so he could get right on it. Apparently sharks were circling and ready to rip-off the concept, hence his abrupt departure (timed as it was with all of the Star Wars rumoring).

In any event, the project is moving forward with Vaughn behind the camera, so chalk one in “Millar’s occasionally not full of shit” column.

The news this morning is that not only is the project moving forward, it’s doing so with quite the prestigious Oscar-winner in the front seat, if reports are accurate. Colin Firth has apparently signed on to play the lead role of the mentor MI6 super spy who takes his fuckup nephew under his tutelage.

There’s no word yet on who will play the nephew, but that just became an extremely hot gig for whatever younger actor will snag it. I’m excited to see who they decide has the best chemistry with Firth.

You can check out the first chunk of the comic here, by the way.


Source | Latino Review