DISCLAIMER:  I know this blog is not meant to be used as a medium to bitch about personal shit, but please bear with me.  There’s a point to this load of crap.


I have this theory about those who choose the creative industries as their livelihood: We are composed of 10% creativity, 10% luck and 80% stupidity. I say this because even the most realistic person – the most aware of the difficulties that life in the creative fields like film and television entail – will truly believe their love for their chosen field will be enough to succeed. 


I am one of the many whose love just wasn’t enough.  So right after I finished film school I hit the wall, crashed, burned, fell through the horrible abyss of failure, reached the bottom and kept falling, all of these prompted by taking my very first job as a pro editor.


It’s been 3 years since the beginning of the death of my career, and it hasn’t all been bad.  A few freelance jobs, a short screenplay and a successful experimental short film have kept me relatively sane.  However, there are times when the initial wave of depression returns and the silly thoughts plague my mind: the destruction of my childhood dreams, the one that got away, the hope that someone will find me good enough to give me a full time job, and the ever present fear of making a living out of saying on a minute to minute basis “Would you like fries with that?”.


And that wave of depression – reinforced by the flu, the imminent death of a relative that just won’t die, a mind block from hell and monetary concerns – has hit me HARD this week.


But instead of sulking and indulging in sweet passive-aggressive self destruction like I usually do, I’ve decided to be proactive for once and enter IMAGINATON 2008, a Colombian film and video marathon where participants must create a 1 minute short film in sequence shot. 


Fun?  You bet.  It also isn’t as easy as it may sound to the inexperienced, for a minute of film or television is closer to being an eternity more than eternity itself. 


Ok, so I’m totally being overdramatic and melodramatic, but when it comes to filmmaking, a minute is a long time.


So tomorrow I’ll pay my subscription fee and try to force a cool concept out of my brain.


Will desperation meet creativity?  Who knows!  Imaginaton happens every two years. I might as well be part of it this year instead of beating myself for not participating.


More to come soon!