hrdp-1106-power-tour+nasa-cocoa-beach-4198.JPGI’m not sure the writers of Mad Men wanted the beans spilled about their new show this way, but an errant conversation with a mayor about an in-development project has resulted in just that.

You see, apparently some unspecified group of writers associated with Mad Men have been developing another period show, this one focusing on jounalists who covered the exploits of NASA in the 60s (an exciting time when they were doing things like, you know, going to the moon for the first time). It would take place in Cocoa Beach naturally, and during the team’s scouting and tax incentive application process a conversation with the mayor of Cocoa Beach was had. The mayor then talks to the press about the show and its needs for production space and voilà, we now know about Cocoa Beach.

Those are all the details we have, but it’s not difficult to imagine this being an exciting show and one that could do good things for our culture by bringing a little romance back to space exploration. Wired notes that there is more than enough drama built into the journalistic perspective of the era:

The members of the Cocoa Beach press corps were colorful figures in their own right as well. LIFE magazine initially maintained an exclusive deal for up-close-and-personal access to the astronauts and their families, while the rest of the press jockeyed jealously for access to the titans of the Space Race. Some of them are now household names: Walter Cronkite claimed in a 2002 interview to owe part of his career to his extensive coverage of John Glenn’s 1962 spaceflight.

No word on if this is aimed at AMC, and if Weiner is involved, etc. etc. Ears are perked up now though, so expect more details soon.

Source | Florida Today (via Wired)