biehnfarcryI’m making a concerted effort to not overhype Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on the main page here, mostly because there’s new gameplay footage, new info, new spoofs every damn day at this point, and great as it all looks, I worry about the video game equivalent of Snakes On A Plane happening here. This game is too special to ruin that way. Too special.

Now, having said that, I’m making an exception for this 3 minute “interview” with Michael Biehn about his role as Rex Colt in the game. Biehn is just as committed to the joke as Ubi Soft is, and just goes all out in terms of being an insufferable luddite prick on camera here. When his days of acting are over, it will not be his earnestness telling Sarah Connor he has always loved her I remember, or his great work as a soldier coming apart at the seams in The Abyss, but him having a full-on Lars Ulrich diva-moment reading Far Cry‘s script. Expert command of the medium, there. Behold a master at work below.

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