April 15

Note: This was my daily little missive up until October 23, 2011. Am trying to resume. Also, in the past this became a checklist for folks who don’t like me to use as grounds to rip me to shreds. In reality I’m shredded. Now is about picking the pieces up and being productive and positive. I hope folks who find value in this do and those who don’t simply let it be. I need this.

Film/TV:  The new season of Mad Men is already losing me after two episodes. Just like anything else, when you begin to lapse into the same trends or be overindulgent like the first episode was, you run into dangerous terrain. Because I can watch the show endlessly out of love for Don Draper shouldn’t be enough. Veep is absolutely priceless. Game of Thrones is the only show I drop everything to watch.

Music: Nothing, although when I stopped by the shop I walked in to Aerosmith. Few bands make me want to turn around and leave as quick as them.

Comedy: Revisited the Louis CK special from the other night. It’s great seeing him at the top of the world. He’s earned it.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: I love tuna salad so much. As long as it’s not made with goddamn Blue Ribbon mayonnaise. That stuff is literally the cock of the devil. No smokes and no booze today. Had a bubble tea though! Love that shit.

Family: Minimal interaction with most but had some great quality time with both kiddos.

Friends: Minimal. Brief hellos with some of the cigar shop greats and the softball teammates but I’m in “head down” mode for a while due to work stuff, a few disappointing trends with folks, and the fact a part of me needs to be less open and readily available.

Work: Much. Combing through dozens and dozens of transcripts for gold for a project I’m working on (and loving). Putting ideas to paper on another. Am energized by the new CHUD tweaks and am fighting to make time. Did graphics for the shop. Trying to be a useful human being.

Art: None. I mean, I’m not an artist in any real worthy sense even on my best day.

Goodies: Nope. Being super-broke gives one very few options.

Screenwriting: Yes. I recently resurrected an old script and have been retooling. There’s a lot of good there.

Projects: There’s one project I’ve been working on for many years that is real close. Director. Script. Production House. Producing team. It’s a magic thing. Unfortunately it’s a magic thing we thought would be magic in October.

Minutia: I don’t get those guys who work out their arms and chest so hardcore and compliment it with a pot belly. It’s like “I’m strong and vain but only in a selective vertical manner”.

Activity: Softball game. I felt great. I was able to run (broke my ankle last fall) and not wince. My arm was strong. And I was batting leadoff and popped up three times. Pretty sad. All of that was healed because we blew the other team out and I had both my guys there and we played on the small field and then did the playground.

Ailments: Nope, other than massive life-wracking stress.

Shrink’s Chair: We live in a world where people are activists and role models (in their head) from their desks. Tweets from people in suburbia saying their hearts and prayers go out to the victims and blahblahblah. Most people with a nervous system hear about a tragedy like this and have a reaction and empathy and fear and all the things that go with senseless acts. If you don’t broadcast it, I think the fifty people in your feed still think you have a logical feeling. You’re setting yourself up. What if a tragedy happens and you DON’T broadcast your prayers. Are you being insensitive? I don’t know but the main thing is: Don’t clutter things with stuff like that. Not when I’m trying to make a Peter North joke.

Asshole(s) of the Day: People who have taken today’s Boston tragedy and used it as a tool to further their batshit agenda.

True Trivia: I’ve loved Kiss for several decades but I think I finally stopped.

What Did I Learn Today: There’s going to be a Blu-ray of The Devil’s Backbone.

Link of the Day: Baseball Power Rankings! It’s getting harder and harder for folks to marginalize the Braves.

Wasted Domain of the Day: Owl.com. It’s a fucking redirect to AOL.com! First of all that’s racist towards owls and secondly what is it, 2001?

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Stress, a little golf relief, a screening, Braves game, conference calls, and uncertainty.

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