Hey there Los Angeles Fright fans! Time for another Friday Night Frights!

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This Friday we’re getting kid friendly with Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad, and we’ll have Fred Dekker on hand to talk about the film too! Like most monster fans of a certain age, The Monster Squad was a fairly seminal movie for me, even if I didn’t quite realize it until I was older. I grew up watching the old Universal monsters films at the library, and loved when the classic characters would pop up in cartoons, but Monster Squad was the first modern live-action film that I saw featuring the many of the iconic creatures — as far as I knew the two most famous versions of The Wolf Man were Lon Chaney Jr. and Jon Gries. We have shown a lot of amazing films and had a lot of amazing guests in Friday Night Frights‘ two year run, but this is the most geeked-out I think I have been yet. This is a nostalgia classic, but I’m hoping to see a lot of newcomers too!

Note: This show is nearly sold out already, so if you want to attend I would grab your tickets now (see link below the trailer).

Friday April 19th @ midnight.

Quoth the FNF power blurb:

The Monster Squad was, is and always will be a waaaaay better kids’ adventure film than the glory-hogging Goonies, no matter what any ‘80s-nostalgia-loving film fan tells you. That’s because director Fred Dekker and co-writer Shane Black (creator of Lethal Weapon) know what kids really want — scary monsters! Dekker dusts off the Universal vaults for classic, yet fresh takes on Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Gill Man and the Wolf Man (who, it turns out, has nards!), and pits them all against a gang of wise-crackin’, foul-mouthed kids. Hilarity, hijinks and horror ensue, resulting in a delightfully spooky romp that’s well on its way to “unsung classic” status. Like The Wizard of Oz and It’s A Wonderful Life (yes, we’re going there), The Monster Squad was overlooked in its day, and until recently was only available on dusty old VHS. We’re putting those horrible days behind us by placing this monsterpiece back where it belongs — on the big screen.

For theater info or ticket purchases go here.


I feel like this is fairly obvious, yet it apparently could stand to be more obvious: This screening is happening in Los Angeles.

As always I am giving away some free tickets (each with a +1). To enter all you need to do is send an email to wormmiller@gmail.com with MONSTER SQUAD in the subject line. Include your full name. I will only be contacting the winners.

Good hunting!