Agent_Smith2Have a meal or grab a drink with me one day and I’ve got hours of conversation locked and loaded about both The Matrix sequels, but even the most apologetic of us apologists will agree that Reloaded and Revolutions… went a bit off the rails. That never made watching Hugo Weaving play Agent Smith not a blast though, so 60 more unexpected seconds of that performance can’t help but make my day.

You can toss around your Jokers and Banes and Mandarins, but it was truly Weaving that wrote the script for the post-Millenium blockbuster villain with the affected, hyper-enunciating delivery. Hearing it again from the master is like being wrapped up in a warm blanket…

Good for Hugo to be cutting that check for an easy couple days work. Besides, if you’ve got to hock for GE, the medical division isn’t so bad.

Thanks to Justin Clark