The sad truth about Wayne’s World, its sequel, and everything else associated with it is that it’s horrible. It’s always been horrible. The only good thing to come from the success of that denim blight was that it furthered the career of the excellent and forward thinking Penelope Spheeris. A lot of what was wrong with the franchise were the faces of the stars, one-note characterizations that made one want to punch with alacrity. Regardless, that’s just my 100% right opinion.

What I didn’t know was that the stars had a falling out over Spheeris being barred from doing the sequel because of “creative differences” with Myers. What I also didn’t know was that Dana Carvey felt gypped by Myers’ characterization of Dr. Evil in the much better Austin Powers movies.

It was a North/South feud only with less slaves.

Well, Mike Myers has gone on to be a reclusive extrafillionaire and Carvey’s been a case of comedic herpes but apparently their hate has been cooled by the wonders of time and a chance to keep their awareness up. Good for them I guess.

Source: THR