A movement has taken form. On Valentine’s Day we saw a healthy crowd come out for My Bloody Valentine. The next time? Almost double that crowd joined us for Leprechaun. Horror for the Holidays at Theatre’s Mall of America is fast becoming the place to be for local horror fans who like their gore to be both abundant and seasonal. And the more the merrier, as we’re hoping you’ll join co-host (and latest CHUD contributor) Chris Grap and myself for our next event, the horror classic April Fool’s Day (tickets here), next Monday April 1st* at Theatres at Mall of America. Have a look:

Amazing, right? How do two free tickets sound?

For a chance to win, simply e-mail me right here  with the subject line “April Fool’s Giveaway” and, in one paragraph, tell me the best April Fool’s Day prank you ever pulled. If your’s is my favorite, two tickets for you! I’ll contact the winner this Sunday.

And don’t forget to come back here Monday for my… interesting conversation… with star of the film (and the OG Valley Girl) Deborah Foreman! 

Enter to win. 

*Happy Birthday, Mom.