colbertlibertySaints Row hasn’t been known for having a sense of restraint whatsoever, but, fitting considering most of Saints Row IV is built off the remains of the ill-fated Enter The Dominatrix expansion for Saints Row The Third, the rabbit hole goes deeper than you could possibly imagine, as Volition’s creative director Steve Jaros told IGN over the weekend. In the short but sweet article, Jaros details some of the elements that didn’t make it into the new game (which, according to reports from PAX, is closer to done than one might think). One of which was that instead of The Boss being President at the start of SRIV, the Saints would be operating in a world where Stephen Colbert, or rather Stephen Colbert playing his own son, is not just President of the United States, but the GREATEST President of the United States.

I have concept art that’s amazing. It’s Stephen Colbert on a battlefield holding the American flag, his sleeves are ripped off, he’s got a bald eagle tattoo. That’s Steven Jr. It was badass,but finally it was like, fuck it, you’re the President. Why give it to someone else?

This is far from the only bit of insanity in the interview–the game also apparently had a dragon, a gun that shoots monkeys that throw hammers, a State of the Union written from the POV of The Rock, and a role that was, in all abject seriousness, written specifically for Meryl Streep–but expect the list of deleted batshittery to grow in coming months as SRIV approaches. The good(?) news is, some of this stuff is far enough along, Director’s Cut DLC is being planned for shortly after the game launches that will include a sizable portion of it. At this point, anything short of a zero gravity interspecies felching competition with naked Daniel Day-Lewis as its host scored by Vangelis is going to come off as a disappointment.

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