americanpieHarmonix told us a few months ago the end of the road was coming for all things Rock Band, and at PAX East last night, Harmonix announced that it’ll be the full 8-minute version of Don MacLean’s American Pie to bring it all home, as the final downloadable song for the game, after 6 years(!) of continuous weekly music.

Of course, this dashes my last faint hope they saved their money and got Hey Jude, like they should’ve for Beatles Rock Band, but American Pie’s a perfect encapulation of this wacky-ass 8-year plastic instrument trip Harmonix (and yes, I suppose Activision deserves a hat tip, I GUESS) has been taking us on, and the perfect bittersweet note for the game to quietly go out on. Keeping in mind, though, that the Rock Band Network is still going quite strong, and will continue to do so on 360 until someone finally shuts the lights off. PS3 folks, however, are SOL.

Some years back, Harmonix held an Irish funeral when they finally decided to shut down the servers for Amplitude online.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think April 2nd’s a fine day to get hands limber, dust off the drum kits, and get the band back together one last time.

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