Bioshock Infinite’s a shade under a week away (and still very much available for pre-order), and with that proximity comes to the flood of behind-the-scenes content, but the typical EPK crap is one thing. Watching one of the best dudes in the business talk shop for almost two hours is another. The latter is exactly what happened at the BAFTAs a few days ago, and Irrational Games were kind enough to record the whole thing for the viewing pleasure of all.

This is, essentially, as close as we’ll ever come to Inside The Game Developer’s Studio, just with how much detail this thing goes into, not just on Infinite, not just on FPSs (though seriously, unless you work at Valve, you should be taking notes), but on Levine and Irrational’s entire story so far, and the process of making games.  Yes, that means there’s bits about System Shock. No, he doesn’t know who owns the rights to it anymore either. This should happen more often. Watch below:


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