*The footage is wonking out, but whoever’s running this feed may just be staggering it. If you haven’t seen and you want to, hit refresh a couple times and it just may come back. It’s likely to get taken down soon, but for now it’s working.

Edgar Wright appeared at last year’s San Diego Comic Con to show off some test footage from his long in-development Ant-Man at Marvel. We know now that Ant-Man is actually going to be a part of Marvel’s Phase 3 of films, releasing a full six months after Avengers 2 and debuting in November of 2015. Marvel’s had a tight lid on the footage up to now, as it appears io9 (since removed) scored a buttcam version of the reel for our enjoyment. It’s about as awesome as you’d expect:

Grainy, far away, and a guy’s head is in the way. In spite of all that, Wright’s demo still shines magnificently and I’m glad to see he’s taking a pretty spirited approach to the size shifting. Fun stuff from the looks of it.