3_19_xmarriageLove is in the air, folks, and it absolutely conquers all. How do we know? Because Magneto is marrying Professor X.

Or perhaps Gandalf is marrying Jean-Luc Picard. Either way, the two men aren’t entering into a domestic partnership together. Instead, Sir Ian McKellen appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show over the weekend to reveal that he will be an officiant over close friend Patrick Stewart’s wedding to thirty-five-year-old (nice work, Cap’n) singer Suzy Ozell. Via nextmovie

“I’m going to marry Patrick,” he said. “How else do you put that? I’m going to officiate, yes, at his wedding.” Prodded for more details on how that is possible, McKellen said, “I don’t know … I read out the words and Sunny and Patrick will then be married. ‘I declare you man and wife.'”

How delightful is that? Not since Nimoy served as Best Man for Shatner has a more nerd-centric wedding graced the planet. In all honesty, it’s always cool to see two actors you respect, who’ve also done great work together, share an awesome moment like the one described above. CHUD sends its sincere congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. X.