For anyone who’s ever wanted to own their own droid and blow their kids’ college funds, it may very well be your lucky day. A seller on e-Bay seems to have procured one of them nifty R2-D2 slot machines recently employed by MGM Grand, retrofitting it into a mini-entertainment center for Star Wars aficionados with serious scrill to burn. The droid’s outfitted with a 17″ monitor, plug in strips for gaming console upgrades and a 3-D Yoda housed in the little guy’s undercarriage. The seller’s accepting offers, but he currently holds the record for the highest piece of Buy it Now movie memorabilia on the site, asking for the backbreaking fee of $6,999 to own this lifesize, 52″ guy. So, y,know, maybe make your best offer and cross your fingers.

Or don’t, that’s a steep price for a droid that can’t play Blu-rays or satisfy my bizarre, inappropriate Droid proclivities: