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That’s right, CHUD is bringing Battle Royale to the big screen in Atlanta for the first time.

The violently satirical cult class from Kinji Fukasaku has just been added to the inventory, marking the first time it will be officially screening in the US. We at CHUD have made sure Atlanta will be among the first cities to enjoy this opportunity to see the film like you never have: huge and with a crowd!

Fans of the film already know just how spectacularly awesome this will be, and if you’ve never seen Battle Royale, prepare to have your mind blown. Hunger Games has absolutely nothing on this movie.

battle_royale_regular__spanTo celebrate, Tugg partnered with Mondo to commission a very special screenprint for the film from Scott Pilgrim-creator Bryan Lee O’Malley and illustrator Kevin Tong. The result is a truly classic poster, and we’ll have one of these limited edition screenprints (at least) to give away to a lucky fan, along with Battle Royale Blu-rays and novels!

Not only will there be door prizes, but the screening will also take place at what has become the finest movie theater in Atlanta, Phipps Plaza’s AMC 14. While formerly a shit-hole, the theater has recently gone through a top-to-bottom refurbishment, and I’d put the resulting house of movie worship up against any movie theater you’ve ever been to. Plush leather recliners, great big screen, excellent sound, and a gorgeous lobby full of food and and deserts… I seriously love this theater and can’t wait to pack one of their auditoriums out for a night of bloody high school combat!

green-barThere’s a catch though! Since this is a Tugg screening, we have to make sure this thing happens by getting enough souls to buy their tickets beforehand. We need 65 tickets pre-sold to insure the screening happens, so please PLEASE spread the word. Facebook and tweet it as much as you can, but also tell people in person, and shoot your friends text messages about it!

We’ve got to spread the word! The more people we can get, the bigger the theater we’ll end up in.

Here’s the link to the TUGG Page.

Don’t put it off- grab your tickets now so we make sure this goes down! And even if you don’t think you can or want to make it, please spread the words to those who might!