Most of the time, they’re not headlining movies nor TV shows. They’re not regulars on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight nor other Hollywood hype machines. And they’re not reality show attention whores who are famous for simply being famous…or trying to be famous. What they are is all too frequently the unheralded; the people whose solidly consistent work affects and often delights us. They’re the ones who don’t always get the credit when the credit is due. We aim to change that.

CHUD Salutes:

Kim Coates 1Name: Kim Coates

Vital Stats:
– Date of Birth: January 2, 1959
– From: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
– 6′ 2″ tall


Notable Roles: – Tig Trager, Richard Sullins, Ron Saris, Johnny Marsh, Chet, Ray, Paul Gronke, White Carjacker, Drifter, Kieran Keyes, Carlo, Jack Richards, Officer Rosen, Special Agent Carter, Bennett, Wex

Career Hiccup(s): Battlefield Earth

Notable Quotes:

  • “I’m gonna eat your face like a chicken.”
  • “Oh baby, two for two [right before dying].”
  • “There’s no such thing as ‘not for sale!  Not for sale! Not for sale!”
Why We’re Saluting:

He’s that guy.  You know, the one you’ve seen in a million things a million times but just might not be able to put your finger on it (at least until Sons of Anarchy came along).  He’s frequently played not very likeable people and downright assholes.  He’s the guy that gave Joe Hellenbeck a bloody puss along with a couple of cigarettes…right before Joe returned the favor in spades.  He was one of Miceli’s vampire goons in Innocent Blood, and he was the crazy drifter with the bad perm who got his spine aerated by Mariner in Waterworld. In a little over 25 years, he’s amassed a ridiculous 110+ credits on IMDB.  He’s been in the biggest of the big and the smallest of the small, moving easily between film and TV.  You may remember him from roles in films like The Client, Battlefield Earth, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Unforgettable, and Resident Evil: Afterlife, Open Range and Assault on Precinct 13.  He’s got as ton of TV credits including appearances on Miami Vice, War of the Worlds, Lonesome Dove: The Series, F/X: The Series, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Nightman, The Outer Limits, Earth: Final Conflict, CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, Entourage and Smallville.  And his biggest role to date had been as Alex “Tig” Trager on Sons of Anarchy.  Coates is the very definition of a valued Hollywood utility player, with a wide spectrum of roles, out of which he has made a very nice career.

So Kim Coates, for your years of contribution and survival in Hollywood and for your talent at being that guy, we salute you

Kim Coates Factoids

– Originally a Canadian, became a U.S. citizen in 2010.

– Reportedly good friends with Kevin Costner and William Fichtner.