I’ve promised that I don’t do obituaries here, but I also figure that Jaws is a beloved movie by just about everybody reading these words, so here’s a name worth knowing:


Frank Mundus.


Here’s what’s cool about Frank Mundus:


n      Peter Benchley, the author of the book Jaws, based the character of Quint (played by the mighty Robert Shaw) in part on Frank Mundus.

n      His memoir is called Fifty Years a Hooker.  Because he’s a fisherman.

n      Frank Mundus did this.

n      He was a conservationist – not one of those assholes who uses technology to kill animals to give themselves a false sense of toughness.  He helped to start shark sport fishing, but then promoted tagging research.  See, a real man isn’t afraid to change his mind.


You can read the obituary here and find out more at the official website.  I think it’s always fascinating to see where our greatest movie characters come from, especially when they’re interesting characters in their own right.