Need something to watch to get your mind off the fact that 30 Rock ended for good last night? Netflix has got your back, as they’re releasing all 13 episodes of the David Fincher-produced, Kevin Spacey-starring House of Cards for their streaming subscribers today. (The first episode is also available to everyone as a free preview.)

A remake of a British miniseries, Cards features Spacey as slimy U.S. politician passed over for Secretary of State who goes on the warpath to get what he feels he deserves. Robin Wright portrays his icy wife, while Kate Mara — whose sister Rooney previously found some good fortune working with Fincher — plays a young journalist eager to sell out her ethics for a scoop. Fincher completists will want to know that the man himself directed only the first two episodes, though he helped guide the rest.

Netflix is releasing all 13 episodes at once because they say their customers have grown accustomed to “binge watching” entire seasons in a short amount of time. The same strategy will be used for the planned May rebirth of Arrested Development.