1_24_djangoCHUD liked Django Unchained (review). Tarantino’s “southern” epic made all four of our Best of 2012 lists and cemented itself numero uno in all but one. Now, for an all-too-limited engagement, my Twin Cities residents and I have the opportunity to see Unchained as Quentin Tarantino intended:


Theatres at Mall of America went after this hard, but their perseverance paid off mightily. How special an engagement is this? Far as I can tell, there are only two places on the entire planet with a print of this magnitude. One is the Tarantino-owned New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. The other is us.

And it’s a special print indeed. What audiences will see when they come to Django at Theatres MOA this weekend will not be a circuit print, meaning it was either used for a very limited number of screenings or Tarantino struck it just for the fine folks coming out this weekend. Not only that, in front of this film will be a special pack of vintage trailers hand-picked by Mr. Tarantino himself.

If you’re a film fan living in the Twin Cities, I can’t begin to convey what a special and unique opportunity this is. And with the support of you fine people, we’ll be able to keep bringing amazing stuff like this to town. I’ll be first in line at Friday’s initial 3:35PM premiere, I hope to see you there. Showtimes for the engagement as follows, clicking the link will take you to the purchase site:


Friday 1/25, Saturday 1/26, Sunday 1/27: 3:35PM, 7:00PM, 10:30PM


Did I mention this is a limited engagement? We get to show this gorgeous print for one weekend only before it’s summoned back to Candieland forever. Don’t miss out on this one in ten-thousand film!