platinumgamesYesterday, via Nintendo Direct, the Big N dropped a ton of WiiU news, 99.9% amounted to new ways to get Mario and Zelda to turn tricks at the drop of a dime for us. Yes, I love Wind Waker as much as anyone, but when there’s such a complete dearth of new ideas or content from Nintendo besides them figuring out about 6 years too late that yes, people actually want to see old games prettied up nice, the fact that THIS is their trump card starts to feel like an insult.

Since last year’s E3, though, Platinum Games has been the Linus to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that is the WiiU, and they were the one third party quick to remind us that the system just needs a little love. Yesterday, that love came in the form of a new, full-fledged trailer for The Wonderful 101, and an all-too-brief look behind the scenes of Bayonetta 2, both of which, along with Rayman Legends and Lego City Undercover, are currently the system’s true saving creative graces.

The Wonderful 101 trailer showcases everything that once upon a time, I could rely on a Nintendo title to provide. It looks gleefully chaotic, the gameplay mechanics seem solid as a rock, even the WiiU tablet stuff, the humor works, the enemy design is unique, and it just plain looks FUN. Meanwhile, most of the Bayonetta 2 teaser is concept art, early builds, and pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking from behind the walls of Platinum Games’ offices, but the first game gives every indication the studio will deliver. The fact that the game is happening still fills me with joy. The fact that they’re trying to expand scale on a game that literally ends with you PUNCHING GOD IN THE FACE is just bananas covered in fucknuts.

Both trailers are embedded below. I envy you, WiiU owners. Not $370 worth of envy, but still.

The Wonderful 101:

Bayonetta 2:

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