GodzillaThe promotional arm of Warner Bros. just wrapped a webinar detailing their upcoming slate for advertisers. Most of it fluff, though a few things regarding WB / Legendary’s upcoming Godzilla reboot got my source’s attention. In the meeting, the following was 100% confirmed:

  • The film will feature more than one monster, confirming that two new monsters will also be wreaking havoc – this in addition to the big guy.
  • Warner Bros. made it clear that their interpretation of the material “follows the story of a solider” and is “way different” than the Toho Godzilla films.

This isn’t “grain of salt” news, as whatever script they have before Frank Darabont gets his crack features the above information. The fact they’re rolling this info to advertisers indicates the likeliness of Godzilla facing off against a couple of new beasts.

What are your thoughts? Does any of this matter with Pacific Rim on the horizon, or did Gareth Edwards’ serious Godzilla film suddenly become more interesting? At the very least, it just got more crowded.