1_3_GoodDaytoDieHardAfter enjoying Jai Courtney as “Sniper Uber-Douche” in Jack Reacher two weeks ago, I’m coming around on the guy. The other thing about Reacher was that it put me in the mood for some sweet late 80s – 90s action, so I marathoned Die Hards 1, 2 & 3. So is it okay to be optimistic about a new Die Hard?

Director John Moore doesn’t inspire much confidence, having been responsible for such forgettable dreck as Behind Enemy Lines and Max Payne. When Fox gets to choose between you and Brett Ratner to direct X-Men: The Last Standand they go with Ratner, that has to be a kick in the gut.

And yet this trailer’s pretty kickass, the best thing we’ve seen out of A Good Day to Die Hard. It goes a long way in selling Courtney’s character as well, tenuous as his relationship seems with McClane. I like the throwback with McClane in the back of the taxi-cab, shades of Argyle and the limo in the original. Then again, I’m an easy mark. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was all they needed to ensure I’ll be there when it opens on Valentine’s Day:

Iconoclastic, take-no-prisoners cop John McClane, for the first time, finds himself on foreign soil after traveling to Moscow to help his wayward son Jack–unaware that Jack is really a highly-trained CIA operative out to stop a nuclear weapons heist. With the Russian underworld in pursuit, and battling a countdown to war, the two McClanes discover that their opposing methods make them unstoppable heroes.

Source: Collider