american scream blu ray

I’m currently in the process of culling together my Best of 2012 list, letting the year’s prize fighters duke it out in my brain to see who makes the cut. A current heavy weight contender is the surprisingly moving Halloween-centered documentary, The American Scream, from Best Worst Movie director Michael Paul Stephenson. See my review here.

The film is officially slated to hit home video in time for Halloween 2013, which is a damn long time to wait for those eager to get this puppy in their library or give it as a gift. Fortunately, Magic Stone is releasing this spooky heartwarmer as a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack in time for the last minute holiday shopping. Priced at $17.99 this exclusive offer, which includes a follow-up featurette to the film, will be available for purchase only at The American Scream is also available through, a platform that allows regular slobs such as yourself to choose the films you want to see in the theater and create your own screenings for your community. Go here to request a screening in your town.