It’s funny when you think about the way love is portrayed in film. You rarely ever see an honest display of how love can unfold. Sure, we’ve all had butterflies in our stomach, went through puppy love, and generally just made a jackass of ourselves in the name of “love”, but what about when the honeymoon is over? Love can be cruel and merciless, but that is never really seen in film. If so, it’s usually just played for laughs and it’s rather short lived. The two star crossed lovers will see the error in their ways, and come running back to one another in slow motion while the latest emo song plays in the background. In reality, love will take your last dollar, the home you live in, and basically just give you the finger while it walks out the door with someone else….fade to black.

Why is it that Hollywood rarely ever allows a love story to play out honestly? I think the last semi-accurate portrayal of a relationship gone bad I’ve seen was ‘The Break-up’. Even that movie had its flaws, but at least it had the guts to leave the two main characters apart from one another at the end of the story. Their was no last minute resolution between the two characters, and no one made an illogical decision to save the relationship. It ended rather ugly, and people spent the rest of the movie trying to hurt one another. Sadly, that is really more true to life than Hollywood would rather admit. In real life we don’t get a Hollywood ending, just a feeling of resentment, anger, hurt, and loss.

So why do they continue to make every love story like a Lifetime movie? Would people rather see the fantasy of love, rather than the truth of it? Granted, you could make an argument that all movies are fantasy, and it’s no different than watching a completely unbelievable action flick, far-fetched horror story, or sci-fi epic that takes place on some alien planet. We all like to live vicariously through these types of stories, that’s a part of why we enjoy the movies so much. Whether it’s the mannerisms of the cool lead character, the witty dialogue you wish would come out of your mouth at the drop of a hat, or the sexy female that just seems so obtainable at the end of the day…it’s just so satisfying to watch. So if that’s the case, are we really just hanging on to the illusion of love at the end of the day? Do we all realize it’s a rather complicated emotion, and just prefer to see it play out in a harmless manner?

I guess I’m just rambling about the topic now. Consider me a jaded person when it comes to this subject. I’ve felt the embrace of love in my lifetime, and I’ve also been kicked by the wayside while it stole my wallet and trampled over the remnants of my heart. Maybe it’s just a little frustrating that I didn’t have a reference movie to play in my mind, or live vicariously though while going through that kind of state. All I had to choose from were Hollywood endings that did not speak to me or my situation, and just left me with a hollow feeling inside. Luckily we always have music to turn to in times of need, but it would be nice to have a few more movies that could visualize the ugly truths of love. She can be wonderful at times, but sometimes you really need to see that bi*ch that she can be to fully understand how she works.