Australian filmmaker Andrew Traucki seems to have a fixation with being killed by large predatory animals. In 2007’s Black Water, it was a killer crocodile. In 2010’s The Reef, it was a killer great white shark. (Both films, incidentally, were inspired by true stories.) Now, in The Jungle, Traucki is delving into…well, we don’t quite know just yet. But leopards are certainly the jumping off point. Traucki is an excellent filmmaker. The Reef is a particular favorite of mine — a film that cranked out major nerve-racking suspense with little more than tense static shots of empty ocean. Sadly, none of his films seem to have cracked a larger market (even though I thought The Reef was much better, and much scarier, than Open Water), which is why Traucki is having some trouble putting the final touches on The Jungle. So he’s looking for help from fans. Here, let’s let Traucki explain, and get a glimpse of the The Jungle too:

Go to IndieGoGo if you’d like to help complete the film. They are close to their goal, and there are still five days left to contribute.