When I think of Electro I think of some dude like William Fichtner or Hugo Weaving. Which is why I love the idea of Jamie Foxx as the character in the ongoing adventures of Spider-Man as portrayed by Andrew Garfield. I think we’ll all agree that The Lizard was kind of a lame antagonist for the debut of this new Webhead but in lieu of regurgitating the Green Goblin so soon the idea to bring the 2nd tier but fun Electro (and give the FX dudes a chance to break out some neat new lightning filters they just bought) to the mix makes sense. And if Jamie Foxx is playing him at least we’ll see something new. Variety says he’s in early negotiations to do just that.

Interesting. Marc Webb and his cast return and the ever-hottening Shailene Woodley is also in the mix.

The Amazing Spider-Man (my review) was decent. Here’s hoping all that effort pays off in a franchise worth supporting.