Here’s some sweet treats for your Halloween, boils and ghouls.

V/H/S, a film I had a mostly positive reaction to (except for that worthless and boring Ti West entry) when I saw it is getting a sequel made. Among the directors in this one are Gareth Evans (The Raid, which if you haven’t seen it, need to drop everything and see it NOW.), Jason Eisner (Hobo With A Shotgun), Eduardo Sanchez (Altered, The Blair Witch Project), a gent named Timo Tjahjanto. They will be joining the returning Adam Wingard who did the wraparound segment for V/H/S, and Simon Barret who wrote and produced the first film.

Obviously the one I’m most curious to see is Gareth Evans’ segment. His is being filmed in Indonesia, and I’m hoping for crazy martial arts vs. the undead or something else uninspired, but really awesome. If he goes full on horror, then that will be just as fine. It’s cool seeing him branch out and try something else.

I’ve been a big fan of Eduardo Sanchez since I saw Altered back in 2007, and after revisiting The Blair Witch Project around that same time, I came to really like it, after not caring much for it when I saw it during its theatrical release. Jason Eisner’s fun film Hobo With a Shotgun makes me hope that his will be a fun entry filled with over the top gore, and who knows? Maybe THE PLAGUE will make an appearance.

The wraparound segment I found to be cool (watch the “dead” person in the chair) even if it didn’t make a single bit of sense. Kind of bummed Radio Silence isn’t returning as their segment was the most “showiest” of the bunch, but I do like how they’re essentially going with an all new group of directors.

Here’s to hoping they fix some of the mistakes they had with the first one, and V/H/S 2 comes out as a really fun and scary horror film.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting