ruffThis is really something more appropriate for my Underground column, but considering the frequency of those and the paltry trickle of news this week, I figured I’d toss it up before it slipped my mind in the span until the next edition of my column is vomited from my soul.

Forget about Man’s Best Friend and C.H.O.M.P.S. (please), because B-horror director Brian Yuzna (Bride of Re-Animator, Return of the Living Dead 3) has a killer canine for the 21st century: Rottweiler. 

The flick, which looks like T2 meets Cujo if someone like, say, Brian Yuzna made it, involves a bunch of random humans on the run from the jaws of an unstoppable cybernetic pooch.  It also has a character named Nacho.  Seriously, what more do you need to know? 

Definitely looks about my speed.