Comic Con’s over, but its left us with some great bits of info.  May the Gods bless the internet, for if it didn’t exist, foreign suckers like me wouldn’t have access to such goodies. 


There is the Battlestar Galactica panel, which can be seen at the official BSG site.  And as this is quite possibly the last time there will be a BSG panel at Comic Con, everyone should watch it.


The press conference for the film Push, staring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning, gave away enough info to make this movie the one to watch out for.  There’s also the Wolverine movie, but I haven’t seen any Comic Con stuff about it.


But most importantly for a sci fi fangirl like me, the Terminator Salvation (or T4) panel was a very welcomed relief.


When it was first announced that T4 would be made, my reaction went along the lines of this:


A fourth Terminator film:  Yeah!!

Set post judgment day:  Yeah!

Christian Bale as John Connor:  Triple Yeah!

Directed by McG:  WTF!


I must admit, I did love Charlie’s Angels 2.  It still didn’t seem like the right fit at all.  But after watching the T4 Comic Com panel clips my faith has been fully restored.  Not only is the movie being rewritten by one of The Dark Knight’s writers, but McG seems to be approaching this project from a place of profound respect for the series, which could only be expected from a true fan.


So I’m willing to give McG a chance.  Besides, the teaser and poster look damn good!


T4 panel and poster:

T4 teaser: