Hey there Los Angeles Fright fans! Time for another Friday Night Frights!

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Here on CHUD the lasting legacy of 30 Days of Night seems to be Mr. Nick’s on-going objection to the ‘challenged’ facial configuration of the film’s evil vampires. But the film contains some of the most shamelessly brutal and bleak horror we’ve seen in recent years. It also packs some gorgeous cinematography from Jo Willems, making it one of the nicest looking horror flicks in recent years too. All that, plus an awesomely melodramatic and goofy climax between Josh Harnett and Danny Huston, and the under-praised Mark Boone Junior taking on a street full of vamps with a massive chainsaw-tractor. Just check out our original trailer below!

Come into the chilly night with us during this blisteringly hot summer, on Friday August 31th @ midnight.

Quoth the FNF power blurb:

Hollywood’s been “high concept”-crazy since the glorious excesses of the Eighties — but 2007’s 30 Days Of Night has arguably the best high concept ever for a mainstream horror film: for 30 days, an Alaskan town is plunged into total darkness, making it the perfect feeding ground for vampires. Even better, director David Slade’s film, based on a comic series written by Steve Niles, delivers entirely on the premise, with a magnificently bleak winter atmosphere and scary, savage (and thankfully non-sparkly) vampires. Add to this fantastic mix a solid cast of Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston and Ben Foster (in a wickedly creepy Renfield-like turn), and you have the one of the best snowbound horror films since John Carpenter’s The Thing. Naturally, we’re showing this chiller thriller in the dog days of August, so come beat the heat with us for 30 times the terror!

Check out our original trailer!

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I feel like this is fairly obvious, yet it apparently could stand to be more obvious: This screening is happening in Los Angeles.

As always I am giving away some free tickets (each with a +1). To enter all you need to do is send an email to wormmiller@gmail.com with 30 DAYS in the subject line. Include your full name. I will only be contacting the winners.

Good hunting!